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Thomas Built Buses - School

Buses for all kids. Including our own.

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Since the first bus rolled off the Thomas assembly line in 1936, we've operated with one simple philosophy: build the kind of bus that we want our own children to ride. That simple idea drives the way we do business, from the way we engineer our buses to be stronger and better than the standard to our commitment to customer service and satisfaction with our nationwide dealer network. Today, one in every three children in America who rides a bus to school or an activity rides a Thomas.

Photo of Minotour® bus
  • Capacity up to 29
  • Steel cage body
  • Saf-T-Vue window
Photo of Saf-T-Liner® C2 bus
Saf-T-Liner® C2
  • Capacity up to 75
  • Redefines Type C category
  • Saf-T-Net construction
Photo of Saf-T-Liner® EFX bus
Saf-T-Liner® EFX
  • Capacity up to 81
  • Front engine transit
  • Low profile engine cover
Photo of Saf-T-Liner® HDX bus
Saf-T-Liner® HDX
  • Capacity up to 81
  • Rear engine transit
  • Ideal weight distribution
Photo of Retired Saf-T-Liner® FS-65 bus
Saf-T-Liner® FS-65
  • 1972 body design
  • 1995 Freightliner chassis